Metaverses crafted for your interests, communities, and businesses


Immerse yourself and freely explore photorealistic worlds in shared experiences with constantly refreshed content, social activities, and unlimited possibilities!


Build your network in a personal, secure, and private environment – but also safely connect with your favorite celebrities, educators, and organizations.


Enjoy exciting and interactive entertainment at the intersection of traditional TV and gaming with realistic avatars, spatial audio, and beautiful environments.

Take your entertainment to the next level with I3M

With the changing landscapes of technology and entertainment – the concept of the metaverse has been ill-defined by legacy tech companies as an exclusive virtual reality venue for certain cyber enthusiasts. I3M looks at the metaverse through a broader lens – as an incredible platform to offer interactive and immersive entertainment, and combined with ongoing advancements in AI, has the potential to solve complex real-world problems for a diverse global audience.


Now’s the time to embrace the future and enter I3M’s Worlds of metaverse entertainment! Whether you are interested in animals, yoga, meditation, influencers, music, history, travel, or more – you’re sure to love your time in the virtual world. Instead of simply watching, like traditional TV, try a hybrid experience that blends the ‘watching’ with the ‘doing’ of modern gaming. It’s the perfect time to jump into one of I3M’s Worlds and experience the metaverse for yourself!

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I3M Social World features

Realistic Worlds
Move through rich, beautiful locations designed just for your enjoyment. Be among the first to discover the growing genres of whole new Worlds!
Personalized Avatars

Be yourself. Get an AI-created, ultra hi-def, lifelike, completely customized, full-body avatar to look your best in all I3M Worlds!

Natural Spatial Audio

Feel like you’re there with optimized, multi-channel, 360º spatial audio designed to enhance your sensory experience to the next level.

Group Activities
Play a game, take a stroll, or just hang out – plenty of group activities await. New activities and experiences are constantly being added!
Expressive Emotes
Let your personality shine and make interactions more enjoyable with a rapidly expanding selection of fun, expressive emotes.
Business Ready
Engage your customers with your own, rapidly created, purpose-built experiences, making intimate and trusted interactions at any scale.