The metaverse is a virtual place where we can meet and interact with others and our environment. It may seem like a strange new world, but it’s more familiar than you imagine. From the stores we shop at to our favorite restaurants, visiting these places or any business organization within the metaverse isn’t too different from the life we already know. As customers continue to adopt new technologies, businesses must adapt or risk falling behind. Like having a managed website and social media presence is critical today, having your presence and business run on autopilot in the metaverse is the future of tomorrow.


The opportunities and advantages of being in the metaverse are endless, but you don’t want to be late in setting up and establishing your brand and operations. Being prepared to create and manage your metaverse presence will set you apart from the crowd, attracting new customers with one-of-a-kind experiences that open fresh opportunities for your business to grow and thrive for years to come.

All-time value spent on Web 3.0 Metaverse item sales such as virtual land, goods, and services has topped $200 million.

– Grayscale Research Nov 2021

Your business in the metaverse; we will bring you there

Create your business in the metaverse in days

Select your space

With numerous beautiful and realistic spaces to choose from, select what represents your business and the experience you want to provide your customers. From meticulously crafted beauty studios to luxurious fine dining restaurants, choose an environment that will not only attract customers, but leave a lasting impression.

Customize the space

Make your company’s first impression in the metaverse one that every customer will remember and continue to come back to. We’ll work alongside you to craft your branded storefront and interior, exuding your brand’s essence to your customers. From the moment they enter, customers are greeted by lifelike avatars to introduce and provide a personalized brand experience.
  • Brand Identity – Display the visible elements of your brand, such as your business name, logo, and colors in your own space, and utilize our AI technology that creates a virtual storefront from your physical one
  • Design Customization - Add extra flare to your presence by branding specific items unique to your business including the ability to change the color scheme of your space
  • Lifelike Avatars – Employ realistic and customizable avatars that can greet your customers, describe your offerings, and educate through realistic audio messages – controlled by you, anytime
  • Media Placement - Share any of your real-world photos, videos, and more, such as awards, specialty items, business memorabilia, celebrity visits, or upcoming events throughout your virtual space

OFFER INTERACTIVE products and services

Bring the story behind your business offerings and services to life for your customers. With the extensive features in our business suite, your customers will experience the way you showcase and sell your product like never before. Whether you’re sharing the story of the family secret sauce or are a beauty salon looking to boost your appointments, we can help you go beyond the traditional real-world ways of customer engagement.
  • Storytelling & Service – Let lifelike avatars engage your customers through audio messages or in real-time, while offering an array of virtual, yet photorealistic items and media that showcase the best of your business
  • Set Appointments - Boost foot traffic to your physical business by enabling customers to directly book appointments in your virtual space, converting prospects from the metaverse into tangible revenue

Put your business on autopilot

With built-in tools to promote and grow your business in the metaverse, easily manage your company info and media, keep track of appointments, and monitor customer engagement and success all within i3m’s app on the fly.
  • Online Management - Easily make changes to your business information and media, such as menus, locations, contact information, photo frames, and business hours
  • Manage Appointments - Easily make changes to your business information and media, such as menus, locations, contact information, photo frames, and business hours
  • Engagement Improvement Tools - Learn how your customers interact with your virtual business and how to increase social engagement from insightful data, all at your fingertips


The i3M metaverse is open for everyone and every business. No technical expertise required.