I3M Partners

Rome wasn’t built in a day! Similarly, I3M’s Worlds will require great effort and collaboration from various partners and content suppliers. We invite you, whether a corporate or independent contributor, to review the I3M Worlds below and discover how you can play a part in building the future of metaverse-based television. If you think your presence, business, or organization is perfect for the virtual world, let’s start the journey together today!

I3M Social World

I3M Social World is more than a place to simply talk. Connect, communicate, and experience in this unique world built for so many possibilities. Whether you run a yoga studio, meditation practice, social group, or other small business looking to make your mark in the metaverse, I3M is here and ready for you to build your engaging and interactive presence! Think of I3M Social World as a way to connect with your customers in intimate digital environments and reach a new, expanded audience of virtual enthusiasts and digital explorers. With the flexibility to schedule live events, offer experiences 24/7/365, or any combination you can imagine – your small business can have a home in the metaverse that utilizes cutting edge motion capture, spatial audio, hyper-realistic avatars, and more in unlimited settings. With the rapid growth of I3M Social World, now is the time to join this virtual wave and secure your futuristic business model!

I3M Animal World

Get wild with I3M Animal World! If you run a zoo, safari, aquarium, conservation facility, or other animal focused property, come bring those animals to life in the metaverse! I3M Animal World was developed using state of the art scanning and AI for realistic animal behavior and interactions. With the expansion of I3M Animal World and our partnership with the Conservation Centers for Species Survival, we are proud to be a part of the incredible conservation efforts underway. Attract virtual visitors, highlight your best species with live and pre-produced experiences, integrate your gift shop, and help promote the safe, responsible, and conservation-minded experiences that I3M Animal World can enable.

I3M Impact World

Calling all teachers, thought-leaders, influencers, philosophers, and more! I3M Impact World is the new place to get your message across in the metaverse. The I3M platform is perfect for producing and spreading live and produced speeches, talks, and events to an expanding and eager audience. Allow your audience to explore the customized environment while you deliver your message, with the capability for them to spectate or even participate in the conversation! Imagine the virtual walls falling, revealing the setting of your choice – or utilize one of our beautiful virtual studios to suit your needs. With I3M Impact World, you are sure to be able to captivate and capture a new audience of listeners while delivering them a previously unavailable experience – only limited by your dreams!

I3M Music World

If you’re an indie artist, country rocker, hip hop, or K-pop star – I3M Music World will become your new home. Work with I3M to virtualize your performance like never before! Utilizing ultra-high-quality spatial audio, fully explorable environments, hyper-realistic motion tracking for dancing and playing instruments, and the unlimited potential of the metaverse, you can bring your craft to millions through live and pre-recorded performances, AI generated music videos, or intimate social gatherings with your biggest fans. Ensure to be the first to build your presence in the rapidly expanding I3M Music World and utilize the newest channel for being a superstar performer!

I3M Travel World

Are you a hospitality company, government, or destination marketing organization looking to enable virtual tourism? We’d like to work with you to unleash that creativity and bring incredible travel experiences to the masses through I3M Travel World. Whether it is a walking tour through a beautiful forest with a ‘local’ AI guide, or a detailed live tour of an ultra-luxury hotel property, our travel content will be rapidly produced, precisely curated, and perfectly targeted to offer digital explorers the ability to escape their space and enter yours. Engage your customers with built-in commerce (digital and real-world), AI and live communication capabilities, incredible photorealistic environments, and almost endless destinations to discover. We invite you to be a critical part of the I3M Travel World experience – an I3M World-Builder!